What we do

Debt Collection

Summer Collection Group (SCG) collects on unpaid and overdue accounts for a vast range of clients. We provide tailored, quick and easy debt collection solutions.

We have developed a reputation of quality and client satisfaction through providing a performance based service.

Our Number One Priority Is to Get 100% of Your Debt Repaid.

We specialise in 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier recovery accounts and also provide collection services to the purchased debt space, offering services to the debt purchase industry. .

Repossessions, Field Calls and Process Service

SCG offers a full suite of repossession, field calls and process services on a national basis through our own network of licensed specialist field agents. All agents have a high standard of ethics and value professionalism in their work, and can provide a personal collection service that is sometimes required to:

Confirm a customer’s whereabouts, Repossess Goods and Chattels, Serve Legal Documents, Attend court proceedings for Oral Examinations, Determine a customer’s financial statement of position that may not be attainable though any other means.

Our dedicated department is fully equipped to handle either one off jobs or forward flow contact work on a large scale.

We provide open and transparent communication between the account manager and client and pride ourselves on being leaders in communications back to our client.

Lockouts and Evictions

SCG agents are always available for lock outs and or evictions. Our agents are all trained in this sensitive area and upholding our clients image and brand.

Whether it is to assist the Bailiff or Sherriff or managing the job on site we can take possession of any house, unit, or parcel of land upon request.

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